COVID 19 Production

Our executive producers and production staff are APA & 1st Option C-19 Health & Safety trained & certified meaning a COVID Supervisor is on every MADAM production. We adhere to UK Government, APA and BFC guidelines

To read more on how we're keeping people safe, please click here.

Please allow for longer pre-production and production shoot days


Remote casting process

Remote pre-production

Full risk assessment by a Covid H&S officer on pre-light & location recce

COVID-19 Health Declaration Form for personnel attending shoots

Production Days

Remote Production offering

Mandatory and recommended workplace requirements, as set out by UK Government, including hand and respiratory hygiene

COVID Supervisor

Enhanced medic carrying out COVID-19 symptom checks

Essential personnel only

Assessing and applying social distancing requirements

Clearly marked entry and exit points for crew

Visible signage for good CV19 practices

Increased green room areas and video monitors

Sanitised studio set out with visible PPE  equipment, sanitisers and hand wash stations

Tech suppliers to supply sanitised equipment and camera dept to follow guidance for continual cleanliness

Large stages and locations to install space markers 

Staggered call times

Crew to use private transport

Make-up kit unique to each artist, disposable or sanitised brushes/tools

Level 2 full PPE gear for those unable to maintain 2 meter rules eg. Hair & Make Up, Wardrobe, Camera Tech

Wardrobe and talent own clothes to be supplied in cleanable plastic suit bags

Single serving, pre-packaged food, disposable & biodegradable cutlery/covered bins. No-self service catering

Increased vehicle & toilet facilities to be provided if studio / location can not provide suitable amount for the number of personnel

Avoid the use of vapours, steam and hazers

No paper/printing/avoid sharing hand tools (phones/pens/keys)

Budgets may differ than previous estimates due to different processes that need to be put in place. e.g. PPE equipment, sanitising and setting up the shoot and communal areas, sustainable and bio-degradable disposal products, increased vehicle facilities such as artist trailers, toilets, crew overtime and splitting HOD departments for prep days