Cannes Lions 2022 - Madam Invites You To....

Cannes Lions 2022 and MADAM is proudly behind three exciting sessions across the week. We hope to see you there and keep an eye on the socials if you can't make it for those nuggets of gold from across the week.

LBB Beach - Tues 11am-1pm Drop In Session

Female founders from the OWNED membership are invited to a drop in session on the beach. Here we'll be discussing what it means to be female owned and a female leader, the value to the industry, how the industry can be better and highlighting some of the wins and progress.

LBB Beach - Weds 11:30/12-1pm

For Offset’s Sake! We’re in this together!

The advertising industry has often pointed at production as the area of the business where clear progress can be made on offsetting the industry’s carbon footprint – but what does it really take to make those crucial changes and how can the whole industry do its part to support them?

The Equality Lounge by The Female Quotient - Thurs 2.30-3pm

The Value of Having Women-Owned Partners And How to Help Them Thrive

As DE&I becomes a priority, how do you ensure that everyone who touches your business is following suit? How are your teams working to safeguard your messaging and stay on mission? Is your brand being represented down the line of production by women or diversely owned production vendors? Join us to discuss the value of trusting your projects to woman owned businesses and learn how their presence is an important part of the creative food chain. We will also discuss the benefits of investing in these resources and being a part of the cultural and systemic change they are creating and most importantly how they are creating a space for women to thrive.

A note from us:

We are proudly a 100% female owned and founded company. As such, female leadership and ownership is close to our hearts. 

What stands women owned companies out from others? Looking closer at how we run our company we create a culture that is supportive of the challenges we face as women and instill the importance of development and diversity within our teams.

Taking a consistent approach to all of these aspects requires commitment from the leadership to ensure that our goals of social responsibility are continuously met. 

A lived experience brings a truth to the every day working experience and whether it's a deep care and attention to our talent and crew, exceeding diversity targets on set or a laser focus on our carbon footprint, we believe that a rounded and holistic approach is a strength of our female leadership.

We will be talking about this and more at Cannes Lions next week. If you are there, please join us at LBB Beach where we are a sponsor.

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