Week commencing 14 September

The Government's travel corridors of countries exempt from quarantine on arrival into England (please note that this is not a UK wide policy and excludes arrival into Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) is effective now and the full up to date list can be found here

The UK is currently working under a 'Rule of 6' with work and education exempt. This means general public cannot gather in groups greater than 6. Social distancing of 1-2 metres is to be followed and employees can return to work if they cannot work from home & COVID protocol is in the workplace. Non-essential shops are now open. Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels are open. Galleries, museums and cinemas are open. Our borders are open

Production has returned and the UK commercial production industry is open and supported by our industry body, APA - Advertising Producers Association. There are no government restrictions on size although social distancing of 1-2 meters remains in place. Studio spaces are open, including Mount Pleasant Studio which is where our London office is based

As members of the APA we strictly follow industry & government guidelines of health & safety around COVID-19. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you would like to discuss these in more detail and how the guidelines will work on a production. We are able to answer any questions you might have on the current situation & remote production practices and are able to prepare & budget for your future productions

We are ready to meet your UK production service needs. A reel of remote productions can be viewed here

MADAM is part of a global network of production service companies, PSN. Here we are connected to 50 territories around the world and their current situation. This gives us the unique position to reach out globally to explore options for your production needs. For an up-to-date snapshot of where in the world you can shoot please click through to PSN's COVID page here

For current UK guidelines, please click through on the links below:

UK Government Guidelines

NHS Advice

As we all, globally, face these challenging times we would like to extend our thoughts to all our friends and clients around the world. Stay safe, stay in touch & let's keep working together to create a safe production environment for all. We continue to be At Your Service