Earth Day 2022

We asked Green The Bid & Just One Tree:

What positive impacts have you seen in the last 12 months with the production industry & advertising? 

GTB: The most positive change we are seeing is more and more brands actively requesting sustainability on their productions, agencies speaking proactively to their clients about piloting sustainability across their productions and production companies really stepping up in wanting to make this common practice on their projects.

What positive impacts have you seen in the last 12 months around reforestation projects JOT is involved with? 

JOT: Planting trees has far more reaching positive effects than simply putting a sapling in the ground. In fact that’s why at JUST ONE Tree, we don’t focus on planting trees, but growing forests, re-establishing ecosystems and improving livelihoods for local communities.

The impacts we’ve seen over the last 12 months have been inspiring and given hope to so many. From the mangroves that we’re planting in Haiti to help protect against coastal storms whilst providing stable incomes in one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, to the trees on Mount Kenya which are expanding wildlife corridors for rhinos and elephants whilst also forming part of the vital water catchment area to Nairobi, each project we’ve chosen has a larger purpose and impact than simply planting trees and capturing CO2. Even our Kelp Regeneration project is attracting an array of marine life, whilst providing local kelp farmers with help re-seeding their farms and re-building their livelihoods after being devastated by Hurricane Rai. On top of which, the educational aspect is really vital. Improving and spreading the knowledge of planting and caring for our forests is key to a sustainable future, which is why we’re so proud that our JUST ONE Tree Day has now brought environmental education into the classrooms of over 200k children both locally and globally.  

What are you planning for Earth Day 2022? 

GTB: The same thing I do every other day, talking to as many people as possible about the action we can all take together to shift our practices towards being sustainable and regenerative. And then having a cocktail at about 7pm.

JOT: At JUST ONE Tree, every day is Earth Day. We work hard every day to fight for our greener future, restoring life on land, in the oceans and helping to shape the next generation of planet-conscious thinkers.  

What small change can make a big difference? 

GTB: Getting yourself on a green energy plan. If you have an office, finding a way to get on a green energy plan, or if your teams are working from home, finding a way to get them on a green energy plan. Renewable energy, electric vehicles, eating less meat and flight reduction are the pieces of climate action that most of us come into contact with most. 

JOT: If the JUST ONE Tree story proves anything, it’s that our individual actions, no matter how small, really do add up. That’s how, in less than 3 years we’ve planted almost 2 million trees. So join us at JUST ONE Tree, think about how you can incorporate giving back to the planet, can you add it into your budgets, add it on to every invoice? After all, JUST £1 plants 1 tree. If you’re a parent, a simple way to have a huge impact is to ask your school to take part in JUST ONE Tree Day on Oct 14th 2022. Schools around the world are uniting on this day to help reforest the planet. It only takes a moment of your time to email the pre-written invite to your headteacher, but it can have an enormous impact. (details can be found on our website:

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