Hennessy's Greatness Is An Odyssey with Henry Golding

It's a throwback for us as we share this great piece of work from Hennessy Prestige X and Cycle Media, New York. Shot in 2019, the film is one of a series of three documenting actor Henry Golding's journey across three continents. 

For the London film, Cycle enlisted MADAM to service the two day shoot with locations across our capital city and Surrey. Locations included Heathrow Airport surrounds, hotel exteriors, East London's Brick Lane & Shoreditch streets, private home interiors & Richmond Park. All locations were within the M25.

We also incorporated beautiful driving shots with a classic car & drone shots. We love this film for the showcase of UK locations and what is achievable on a modest budget. Plus we got to work with Henry Golding, who was a dream.

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