James Arthur & EASYdoesit Step Back in Time with MADAM

James Arthur & EASYdoesit Step Back in Time with MADAM

Shot at Black Island studios across one day, the MADAM crew recreated a late 1950’s early 1960’s live television studio, complete with original television cameras. Directed by Mario Clement of German production company, EASYdoesit for Sony.

The premise is a romantic short story with Arthur as the host and interviewer of his own live television programme.  In the story, Arthur finds himself in the uncomfortable position of interviewing a special guest who happens to be the woman he is in love with. As the story continues, the drama unfolds on screen live in front of an audience of millions.

Black Island studios became home for the one-day shoot with two immaculately recreated sets comprising of the live television studio and an everyday living room. This brought an opportunity to source exceptional art department with immense attention to detail. Our one-week turnaround for pre-production required experienced Heads of Department who were able to pull out all the stops in such a short space of time. Production Designer Russell De Rozario’s input to the set was imperative and having the caliber of MADAM favourite Russell on the crew and his network of contacts brought with it the opportunity to bring two original cameras down to London from Birmingham. The final sets, coupled with wardrobe, hair & makeup finely tuned to the era, created a genuinely believable and atmospheric shoot.

Credit List:

Client: Sony Germany

Production Company: EASYdoesit

Director: Mario Clement

Production Company Producer: Gregor Möller

Artist: James Arthur

UK Service Company: Madam Films

UK Executive Producers: Carly Stone/Michelle Stapleton/Pippa Bhatt

UK Producer: Javier Alejandro

DP:  Phillip Kaminiak

Production Designer: Russell De Rozario

Art Director:  Louise Vogel

Artist Stylist: Vix Adams

Artist Hair & Make Up: Nicola Schluler

Cast Wardrobe Stylist: Frederica Lovell-Pank

Head Hair & Make Up (Cast): Marianna Fabricante

DIT: Ray Moody

Currently playing: James Arthur - NAKED