Madam Joins APA Masterclass

The current state of sales for commercial production companies is a bit of a hot topic here in the UK. Never has it been harder and how do we encourage positive interaction? I have been working within a new business capacity in the industry for 12 years and although things have changed that bring challenges - production and creative departments are heavily under resourced & time poor - there are things that have not changed, namely the need to be knowledgeable on your talent and your business. Building trusting relationships with my clients comes from listening, understanding and conveying the right information in answer to needs. Sometimes it's a simple as that. Combining this knowledge and integrity with a passion for what we do and a team of producers that can respond in an exceptional manner to the enquiries that come in produces results that don't just support our clients but elevate their offering. You can read a little more on the day on the APA website.

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