Madam Stapleton's British Arrows Jury Eye View

Madam Stapleton's British Arrows Jury Eye View

9 -5 in a screening room for 3 days viewing more than 600 commercials over 35 categories might have been an eyeball bleeding experience but for the excellence of some of the films and the expertise of my fellow judges. It was a great insight into some of the cutting-edge commercials being made today.

Refreshing, and bold, the Viva the Libresse was as unpatronizing about female products as it was brave and stylish, supported by an inspired track Camille Yarbrough’s song, “Take Yo’ Praise”.  Kim Gehrig turned a potentially tricky brief into something provocative, and memorable.  John Lewis maintained its consistently high standard of feel good films with Seb Edwards directing Elton John ‘s journey back to childhood with a succinct and strong message.  The best example of the current, gritty street feel with a sporty vibe was Nike with their “Nothing Beats A Londoner” spot directed by Megaforce through Riff Raff.

It was pleasing to see the number of entrants being championed by their own industry.  A great testimony to the confidence and optimism in a time of change and uncertainty in the world of commercials. Sadder to see was less demonstration of the pure British humour.  All hail Hamlet!

It was an honour to be asked to be one of the British Arrows 2019 Jury chaired by Chaka Sobhani, CCO Leo Burnett and Charlie Compton Co-Founder of Rogue Films. 

Amongst the jurors were some familiar colleagues, Ed Sayers Director of Straight 8, Kate Taylor, MD of Skunk, Charlie Gatsky now MD of The Firepit, Jonny Park CD at VCCP, Kate Allsop Senior Creative The&Partnership, Peter Cowie now Chairman of From Good to Great, as well as some new connections, Matthew Fone of Riff Raff, Nick Crabb MD of 2AM & Isabella Parish MD at 1stAveMachine to name but a few.