When we reflect, what have we learnt?

The pandemic has been an opportunity for many of us to reflect on our businesses and take that moment to do a little housekeeping.

Madam Films was born 8 years ago with an ambition to bring a level of expertise to the UK production service industry that came from a rich heritage of commercial production. We wanted to bring more opportunity to the UK for many reasons, not least it's an incredible place to shoot with exceptional talent. We also wanted the international production industry to have access to the best producers in our business who had been in their shoes, knew where they were coming from, the challenges they faced and how to achieve the highest level of production value and opportunity for their client. We knew we had this to give.

Over the course of our journey, we have kept true to this and the belief that what we offer in our experience provides a certain - let's not be demure, high - level of reassurance to our clients.

The onset of COVID around the world has highlighted aspects of how we work, namely that experienced producers can rise to any challenge and they can do it on the turn of a dime. That the fast and stop/start changing nature of the world and productions ramped up and needed agility and foresight. That clients would need even more reassurance than ever before that those working under their name were safe.

This is the time when experience clearly counts. The knock on effect, for example, from producer to client via brand ambassador, their management and their various stakeholders can be fraught with concerns. Being the link on the ground to provide a smooth process is never to be underestimated and requires insight and that comes with experience.

On reflection, I see that what we began with as our foundations 8 years ago stands true now, even coming through 12 months of the world turning upside down. Sometimes, looking back can be a reminder that we've got some things right and the company values become the pillars.

We still have work to do. Diversity & inclusion and the green agenda are priorities not just for us but our global industry and we want to be better.

So, all I can say is look back to look forward and I wish you well on your own journeys.

- Pippa Bhatt

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