What we do

Budgeting & Preparation

Research – Assistance - Advice for UK Production Service

Thorough research – transparent & efficient budgeting – understanding cost control - fast turnarounds.

We lecture on the production budget for the Institute of Practitioners In Advertising

Assistance – Visas/UK entry, we are UK Border registered – treatment material - location & cast references

Clearcast for UK broadcast & playout transmissions

Advice – the entire UK shooting experience – shoot day, crew terms, daylight hours

Our global knowledge allows us to advise on territories ex-UK and be competitive with our UK quotes

Crew & Suppliers

Oscar-winning crew to emerging talent from the British Film Institute

Understanding personalities and cultures means connecting the right people to the right project

Long-held relationships with trusted equipment suppliers ensures the finest level of equipment and service

Established working relationships with leading London Post-production houses and their global network

As judges for short film festivals we know the brightest and newest filmmakers and crew

Location & Studio

We have replicated New York streets, cheated the Alps and brought Bollywood to Leicester Square

Diverse, iconic London landmarks, artistic streets, cityscapes, countryside, coastline, rivers, warehouses, factories

A huge studio selection from small photographic to underwater & large stages where the biggest stunt jobs & feature films, including James Bond, are filmed. Our head office is based at Mount Pleasant Studio in London


A List talent we have worked with include Jose Mourinho, Eddie Redmayne, Mo Salah, Andy Murray, Daisy Ridley, Alexis Sanchez, Harry Kane, Alex Iwobi, Manuel Lanzini, Dimitry Payet, Tom Ramsey, Victor Moses, Joan Collins, Michael Ballack, Henry Golding, James Arthur, Saara Alto, Katherine Langford, Gustaf Skarsgard, Billy Jenkins, Ebi Smolarek, Park Ji-Sung, Danni Minogue, David Blaine, Jerry Hall, Lu Lu, Freddie Flintoff, Ian Wright, The F2, Twiggy, Michael Atherton & Max Beasley 

Casting agents who specialise in documentary, theatre, comedy, commercials, feature films & street casting

Access to some of the best Body & Sports Doubles

Award winning Choreographers

Worldwide animals and expert handlers

Negotiating talent fees, buyouts and contract


We can organise a stand-alone stills shoot or find the perfect stills photographer to accompany your film

View our leading UK talent here


We live and work in London and have been at the heart of our city for decades

We know the places to have fun & kick back, either in our Capital or beyond

Leading hotels & private agents to tailor-make accommodation needs

Travel by Virgin Bikes to Chauffeur Service

Family-friendly / Trusted childcare

Our interests in the arts and culture gives you the best advice for maximum enjoyment of our amazing country

Multiple Country Shoot

The UK may be one element of your production

Working with trusted worldwide partners, we can coordinate multiple country shoots to offer a streamlined & cost effective approach to your production

Countries we have worked in and with:

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA & Canada, Europe (Iceland/Ireland/France/Spain/Serbia/Czech Republic/Portugal/Italy/Poland/Ukraine) & Turkey, Morocco, South Korea, Hong Kong, China

All images copyrighted to and courtesy of Rory Carnegie