Remote Production During COVID Case Study

The brief: Direct to client, online content & stills
Client: Beauty brand, France

The production process: Three day shoot taking place at Mount Pleasant Studios London under industry recognised COVID-19 guidelines with the client viewing remotely across the QTake system. The production included seven models & five leading beauty industry ambassadors. Our minimal crew included hair, make up, sound, wardrobe, production design, UK based DOP/Director with two camera set up & COVID medic. Operating with strict C-19 policies and with a COVID Supervisor in place across the shoot, our crew wore and had access to a range of PPE & followed social distancing. Hair, make up & wardrobe occupied separate rooms, followed minimal interaction & production design created a socially distanced set. Live set sound allowing for the remote client to feel part of the shoot at all times.

The remote system - QTake with Teradek sending the live picture with playback & audio to our overseas client. Client communication was via their preferred choice of WhatsApp. The two camera feed could be viewed on IOS or PC with a 15-20 second delay to real time. Viewers click on a link and MAC users can download an app which reduces the delay. 

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