We bring the shoot to you, in a seamless and secure way.

Should your director, client and/or agency personnel be unable to travel we can bring the shoot to them in a seamless and secure way via a remote production.

Today’s technology offers a range of software and user friendly platforms to enable anyone to be on set whilst still in their office or home. Preparation is key to any successful production and working a remote production is no different.

Our experience as producers is long-standing and this level of skillset on your remote production is a valuable asset alongside our highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Aligning the director with a local DoP is often a solution for a remote shoot and the UK is home to exceptional talent, including DGA crew, and we are happy & able to reach out to our network of trusted DoPs for your projects. We have an innate understanding of matchmaking the right person for the job.  Engaging a trusted AD earlier in the prep alongside the remote director is an extra level of support for shoot days.

Some examples for clients such as McDonalds & Alex Bank can be viewed here.

"Being a hands-on producer, not being able to attend this shoot after having been awarded the project, wasn’t easy at all. The decision to trust Madam to co-produce this film turned out to be a spot-on decision. Madam made me feel as if I was there in person and handled all the on-the-ground production just perfectly.

Amin El Masri, Executive Producer, ASAP Film Production 

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