Remote Production

Remote Production

Should your director, client and/or agency personnel be unable to travel we can bring the shoot to them in a seamless and secure way through offering our expertise to you for remote productions.

Our experience as producers is long-standing and this level of skillset on your remote productions is a valuable asset alongside our highly skilled and experienced technicians

We have experience in remote shooting and a link to some of the projects we’ve worked on with clients such as McDonalds is here

How does a remote shoot work?

Preparation is key to any successful production and working a remote production is no different. Today’s technology offers a range of software and user friendly platforms to enable anyone to be on set whilst still in their office or home.
Pre-production follows the same route as standard shoots - service company, production company and agency liaise in the usual way via email and, depending on your territory, across platforms such as Whatsapp

Wardrobe & Casting Calls

Zoom video conferencing for groups of up to 100 participants
Skype & WhatsApp work for smaller scale 1-1 conversations


The pre-production meeting takes place via Zoom, offering an ability to screen share and have a large number of participants in the virtual room

Shoot Days

Live camera feed via playback monitor & software QTAKE allows client, agency & director to see the action in the moment - any potential delay is 2-3 frames only - across a maximum of 16 devices
Zoom works in conjunction to provide a view of the room/set up 

Rushes Delivery

Slingshot is our preferred choice to share end of day rushes with the chosen editor. This is a high speed transfer.


Removing the often heavy costs associated with production travel 
Making a conscious environmental and planet positive choice 

Smaller impact to large scale production shoots on locations and within studios

Taking It A Step Further

Aligning the director with a local DoP - the UK is home to exceptional talent, including DGA crew, and we are happy & able to reach out to our network of trusted DoPs for your projects. We have an innate understanding of matchmaking the right person for the job.  

Engaging a trusted AD earlier in the prep alongside the remote director is an extra level of support for shoot days