World Cup Action with The Star Film Co

World Cup Action with The Star Film Co

Working closely with South African production company The Star Film Co and their director Cindy Lee, the project had a lead time of just 10 days from brief to shoot for a schedule to include stills, live action on location & BTS at a live international football match.

A number of production challenges were expertly navigated by the MADAM team. Liaising closely with the team’s manager to ensure the least disruption to their football schedule across the three shoot days, coinciding with the Nigeria v Serbia friendly at west London football club, Barnet’s home ground. Management and handling of an international star team and their recognised players.  Specific location needs to match a Nigerian visual aesthetic within a one mile radius of the team’s ground, The Hive. Last minute access and BTS filming and support on a live match day.  The ability to have a full stills and live action crew, including stills photographer, in place and be ready to go at a moment’s notice with numerous scheduling changes. 

Carly Stone, Executive producer & Co-Founder, Madam Films: ‘Filming with major footballers has become a MADAM niche, especially with the World Cup on the horizon. We had not worked with an entire squad before and it was a great experience being so involved with the Super Eagles during their UK visit. It was a fast moving and changeable project in every aspect. The production team were active and alert to bring the best production value and solutions to capture all the required assets during the team’s busy match and training days’.

As production timelines shrink, the ability to respond with speed and expert knowledge has great value. Working with clients in international time zones across fast turnaround jobs is a MADAM speciality and had the MADAM team working with their usual passion and verve. 

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